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From van to dream camper: What we offer

Whether you're seeking professional campervan conversion services, or just a helping hand on your DIY camper, we've got you covered. From brainstorming to build, we work closely with you to bring your dream campervan to life.

What our full van conversions include

Consultation: We kick off the process by discussing your design ideas and requirements for your custom campervan.

3D Visualisation: Upon request, we provide a 3D sketch to help you visualise the final design.

Insulation and Cladding: Our package includes insulation, vapour barrier, and cladding to ensure your campervan is cosy and secure.

Fixtures and Appliances: We install essential fixtures like hobs and fridges, tailored to your needs.

Energy and Utilities: Rooflights and solar panels are installed along with water, heating, and electrical systems

Interior Design: We handle all the upholstery and decorating to make your campervan feel like home. 

What we don't include: Sourcing or providing the base vehicle for your campervan conversion.​ ​

Quirky Campers approve this campervan converter

A helping hand for DIY campervan builds

If you're tackling a DIY van conversion, we offer expert assistance in areas you might find challenging

Window installation for your custom campervan

Installing windows in your van can be a complex task, but you don't have to go it alone. We offer professional window fitting services to ensure your van is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Solar panels and roof lights for sustainable living

Thinking about going green or just want to make your van life more comfortable? We can assist with the installation of solar panels and roof lights, helping you achieve a sustainable and well-lit living space.

Awning installation for extended outdoor comfort

An awning can provide much-needed shade or shelter during your van adventures. We’ll help you select and install the perfect awning to complement your campervan.

Campervan upholstery services

Campervan upholstery services We craft all the cushions and curtains for our conversions. If you're looking to spruce up your existing campervan upholstery or need some custom bench cushions and curtains for a DIY camper project, we're here to help.

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