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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of embarking on a campervan conversion with us? Here are some of the questions we often get asked... 

When is your next build slot available?

Currently, our next available conversion slot is June 2024, however please talk to us for the latest lead times. We might have an earlier slot available or we might have had several bookings come in recently.


How do I book a build slot?

Please feel free to call or email us. We are happy to chat through your ideas, pass on advice and come up with a design that works for you. We will then provide you with a fixed quote once all of the finer details have been agreed. If the quote works for you we will ask for a £1000 deposit to reserve a conversion slot. See our ‘Conversion process’ page for more details.


Do you help source base vans?

We are happy to advise you on the right van for your conversion. We convert many vans; however, certain vans lend themselves better to particular designs. We can chat through the pros and cons to each and help point out vans on the market that seem to be good value for the age and mileage. 


Do you supply the van for the conversion?

This is not something we provide at the moment.


What age of van and mileage do you recommend?

We would recommend buying a van as new and with as little mileage as your budget allows. Having an independent vehicle checked by the AA or RAC is also a good idea. Spending a little on this could save you lots in the future.


Do you provide a warranty?

All of our work comes with a one-year warranty.


What is the payment plan?

We break the quote down into three equal instalments. Three weeks before the start date of your build we ask for the first instalment so that all the materials can be ordered. The second instalment will be requested on the day the conversion begins. The final instalment will be requested one month into the build.


Are deposits refundable?

If the quote is right for you, we will then ask for a non-refundable £1000 deposit which will secure your build slot. Should your circumstances change and you can no longer go ahead with a conversion, we will re-advertise your slot and make every effort to fill the vacancy and return your deposit.


Have your conversions been rented with Quirky Campers?

Yes! We are proud to be registered converters with Quirky Campers. We have rented one of our vans previously with them and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A few of our past conversions have gone on to rent their vans on Quirky Campers and we pride ourselves on building vans that meet their rental criteria.


Do you do bespoke designed layouts?

We do! We love the process of hearing your ideas and designing a layout that works for you. We convert any van, big or small and love an entirely personal stamp on each of our conversions. There are endless options out there in terms of design, layout fixtures/fittings, all of which vary in cost. We can chat through these and build an entirely bespoke conversion to match your budget.


Do you do part conversions?

We do! We can do as much or as little as you need. We are aware that sometimes budgets wont stretch to a full conversion. It can also be enjoyable to play a part in building your dream conversion. Let us know how much you would like us to complete and we can provide a quote.


How long does it take to convert a campervan?

It very much depends on your design but on average, our conversions take between 10-14 weeks to complete.


Can we visit the workshop during the build?

Absolutely. You are welcome to book in a visit with us any time and we will happily show you the progress.


Will you keep in touch during the build?

Before the conversion begins, we setup a WhatsApp group chat. This allows us to send you update pictures and video tours throughout the build, as well as a speedy way to chat through preferences if they arise during the build.

Get in touch if you'd like to know more

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